whole home humidifiers

Finding The Right Humidifier

Humidity is an essential element in the indoor comfort equation, from state-of-the-art steam to economical and efficient bypass humidifiers. It not only relieves you of symptoms such as static electricity, nasal dryness and loose joints on furniture and wood floors but can also reduce your energy bills by allowing you to turn down your thermostat to maintain the same comfort level. 70 degree temperature at 40% relative humidity can be more comfortable then 72 degree air at 20% relative humidity. Call us at (719) 591-9777 to schedule your free estimate to determine what humidifier is best for you!

Factors determining the actual performance of a humidifier:

Infiltration rates of outdoor air into your home.

Living conditions and style, i.e. plants, pets, children, frequent bathing, exhaust fan usage, etc..

Furnace operating temperature and duct static pressure (airflow).

Water temperature entering the humidifier (hot water offers better evaporation).



  • Flow-Thru: Great option for many different applications!
  • Steam: Best option when stable humidity is essential or wanted!
  • Under Duct: The real work horses that are great for heat pumps or high efficiency systems!