colorado springs weatherWinter in Colorado Springs are a breeze if you have lived in other “winter cities”. After a snow storm in Colorado Springs, the roads tend to get a bit tricky as the city likes to not spend much on treating the roads when winter comes. Sounds strange how if ti snows you would think road crews would be out 24/7. This is not the case here in Colorado Springs.

The reason for this is because of its unique micro climate at the base of Pikes Peak, the snow is gone within a day or so of heavy snowfall. It is great to watch the weather forecasters on KRDO news channel 13 scramble as these storms roll in and then watch them smile as the car ride to work was a breeze.

People in Colorado Springs, especially the college kids near Colorado State University Colorado Springs also love to wear mostly shorts and maybe a beanie to keep them warm. It is not uncommon to see someone walking around in flipflops at the local King Soopers grocery stores.

There is a myth out there that Colorado Springs receives over 300 days a year of sunshine. This is completely made up by a now out of business railroad company who was trying to increase business to passengers out west. I don’t think it worked. On the bright side, we do get a ton of sunshine in the Springs and if you are not seeing the sun, then maybe wait about 15 minutes.

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