thermostat replacement

Thermostat Replacement

Your thermostat is the most important control and the “brains” of your comfort system. When programmed correctly, it tells your system when to come on or when to shut off and at what temperature you are at your most comfortable when at home. There are a variety of thermostats to choose from and they range from simply non-programmable to programmable and beyond to take comfort and energy savings to a new level. You won’t find these controls at your local big box store!

Below are listed a few of the many thermostats available.

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Honeywell T Series

  • Easy to read back-lit display
  • Simple 5-1-1/5-2 programming
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Enhanced warranty and exclusive features

Lennox iComfort

  • Intuitive tabbed interface
  • Exchanges information with other iComfort enabled devices
  • Programmable fan option for better air circulation
  • Humidity control
  • Programming options (7 day or 5-2)
  • Large touch screen
  • Digital display
  • On screen maintenance reminders
  • Easy to navigate


White Rogers Sensi