Routine Furnace and HVAC Maintenance

Join Home Heating Service’s Comfort Club Plus Maintenance Plan!

Did you know:

  • A poorly tuned and adjusted furnace or air conditioner can  dramatically increase your operating costs as well as reduce comfort levels?
  • A dirty air conditioner evaporator coil or a dirty furnace blower motor can cause a furnace to overheat resulting in premature failure of major furnace components as well as heat exchangers?
  • As much as 80% of all air conditioner compressor failures could be eliminated by correcting potential problems before they escalate?
  • A plugged up furnace filter could result in equipment failure?

Avoid unnecessary heating and cooling repairs by enrolling today in our Comfort Club Maintenance Program! For a small yearly fee you receive:

  • Thorough performance tune, cleaning and safety inspection
  • Priority customer service with no overtime charges from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  • 10% discount on all services and parts
  • 10% discount on new equipment purchases
  • Peace of mind

Comfort Club Maintenance Plan Includes:

For Air Conditioner

  • Check for proper airflow at indoor and outdoor coils
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge and adjust as needed (additional refrigerant is an additional charge)
  • Inspect coils, piping, electrical wiring, and components for damage, wear and defects
  • Check and tighten all piping and electrical connections
  • Check for refrigerant leaks at coils, piping and piping joints
  • Tighten gauge port caps and valve caps
  • Oil all motors as needed
  • Measure superheat and sub-cooling if needed to insure proper operation
  • Inspect and check thermostat for proper operation


For Furnace

  • Electronic leak check for carbon monoxide (CO) and gas
  • Check for proper drafting of the chimney and vent
  • Check the proper operation of all safety switches, controls,  motors and other components.
  • Check gas pressure, air/fuel mixture, air speed and adjust for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Oil any motors that are necessary
  • Inspect, adjust and calibrate thermostat
  • Includes a complimentary Water Heater check and Humidifier inspection
  • Free standard disposable filter or cleaning of 1″ washable filter


Cleaning Included

  • Clean everything on the furnace or air conditioner that we can without any major dismantling (blower removal, heat exchanger, coil cleaning etc)
  • Use a variety of brushes, cleaning solutions and vacuum to clean
    • Most burners and burner chamber
    • Blower compartment
    • Controls, switches and wiring
    • Flame sensors
    • Pressure switch tubing and connections
    • Electrical connections
    • Outdoor condenser coil for most units
    • Inside and outside of outdoor condenser cabinet
    • Condenser fan motor and fan if accessible
    • Controls and electrical components (contactors, relays, capacitors, etc)
    • Wiring, wiring harness’s and electrical connections
    • Replace or clean filter (standard disposable or washable 1″ filters)

For even more information view our Comfort Club Plus Brochure

We service all brands of Furnaces, Boilers, Air Conditioners, Evaporative “Swamp” Coolers, Water Heaters, Gas Fireplaces, Humidifiers, Air Filters & Air Cleaners, and more!.

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