Furnace Inspections and Maintenance

Maximize furnace performance, efficiency, safety and your comfort by having us do a complete heating maintenance service on your equipment!

This includes a complete 31 point safety inspection and performance tune-up & cleaning including the following:

  • furnace inspection colorado springsElectronic leak check for carbon monoxide (CO) and gas
  • Check for proper drafting of the chimney and vent
  • Check the proper operation of all safety switches, controls,  motors and other components.
  • Check gas pressure, air/fuel mixture, air speed and adjust for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Oil any motors that are necessary
  • Inspect, adjust and calibrate thermostat
  • Includes a complimentary Water Heater check and Humidifier inspection
  • Free standard disposable filter or cleaning of 1″ washable filter
  • Clean everything on the furnace that we can without any major dismantling (blower removal, heat exchanger, etc)
  • Use a variety of brushes, cleaning solutions and vacuum to clean
    • Most burners and burner chamber
    • Blower compartment
    • Controls, switches and wiring
    • Flame sensors
    • Pressure switch tubing and connections
    • Electrical connections

Regular service helps assure trouble free and economical operation of the furnace.

**If furnace requires dismantling, advanced diagnosis or parts, additional charges will apply.