Air Duct Cleaning

Most people spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors whether it be at school, work, or home. Although we have no control over the environment outside of the home, we can help clean the air where we sleep! Clean air ducts help promote healthy living!

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Some advantages of cleaning your air ducts include:duct cleaning colorado springs

  • Helping to alleviate allergy and breathing problems
  • Helping to cut down on the dust circulation in the home
  • Helping the indoor environment look and smell cleaner
  • Help to get better performance out of your HVAC system

A brief description of the equipment and procedures followed for Air Duct Cleaning by Home Heating Service:

  • We use a Nikro #SL4000 5000 CFM Free Air Vacuum with a 3-stage, 99.97% HEPA filtration system
  • This system is extremely portable and able to maneuver the tightest doorways and staircases
  • The attached VIPER Clean Sweep System has a unique skipper ball/whip combination allowing it to clean 100 ft. of duct through a 1 inch hole- dislodging dirt, dust, and debris and pushing it into the vacuum and HEPA filter
  • The HEPA filter assures that only clean air is returned back into the environment and that all ducts are thoroughly cleaned
  • Duct sanitizing is available upon request
  • A duct camera for inspection is available upon request
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