Below you will find a description of services. This is not a complete list of all the services we offer but is general overview of our most popular. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us at 719-591-9777.


Furnace Cleaning, Safety Inspection  & Performance Tune Up

·         Using a variety of brushes, cleaning solutions and vacuum we clean everything on the furnace that we can without any major dismantling (blower removal, heat exchanger, etc. Extra charge would apply)

·         Electronic leak check for carbon monoxide & gas (natural gas or propane)

·         Check for proper drafting of the chimney and vent

·         Check the proper operation of all safety switches, controls, motors and other components.

·         Check gas pressure, air/fuel mixture, air speed & adjust for maximum efficiency & performance.

·         Oil any motors that are necessary.

·         Inspect, adjust and calibrate thermostat.

·         Clean flame sensors & pressure switch tubing and connections

·         Wipe down the cabinet and any available components

·         Includes a complimentary water heater check & humidifier inspection.

·         Free standard disposable filter or clean 1″ washable.

·         Service helps assure trouble free & economical operation of the furnace. Also will insure manufacturer’s warranty remains active.



Air Duct Cleaning


We use a 5000 CFM dual motor negative air machine which utilizes a triple HEPA rated air filter that attaches to the duct system near your furnace with an 8, or 12 inch diameter flexible hose. This machine puts an extremely strong vacuum throughout the duct system keeping all the dust & dirt in the machine, not in your home.


A hose with a directional air nozzle and rubber whips on the end and attached to a compressor is then snaked down thru each individual duct, scraping the debris on the sides of the duct and pushing the dirt into the negative air machine.


We then wipe down all the registers and grills, and disinfect your duct system to help eliminate bacteria, molds, mildew and odors. All the duct penetrations that are made are sealed with 26 gauge metal and heavy duty aluminum foil tape.


Also included for your safety and the efficiency and performance of your system is our 31 point Furnace Cleaning, Tune-up, and Safety inspection along with a courtesy water heater and humidifier inspection.


Notes: Price and/or procedures may vary for unusual or very old duct systems.

Utmost care is taken when removing ceiling or wall mounted grills and registers but we can’t be responsible for any occasional paint that may crack or chip.



AC Cleaning, Safety Check & Performance Tune Up:

  • Clean outdoor condenser as best as possible without major dismantling
    • Inside & outside of outdoor condenser cabinet
    • Condenser fan motor & fan if accessible
    • Controls & electrical components (contactors, relays, capacitors, etc)
    • Wiring, wiring harness’s and electrical connections
  • Replace or clean filter on furnace(standard disposable or washable 1″ filters)
  • Check for proper airflow at indoor & outdoor coils
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge and adjust as needed
  • Inspect coils, piping, electrical wiring, and components for damage, wear and defects.
  • Check and tighten all piping and electrical connections
  • Check for refrigerant leaks at coils and piping and piping joints
  • Tighten gauge port caps and valve caps.
  • Oil all motors as needed
  • Measure superheat and subcooling to insure proper operation
  • Inspect and check thermostat for proper operation


Service Call

·         Includes trip to house (within city limits)

·         Standard diagnosis and a general evaluation of your heating and cooling system.

·         Minor repairs or adjustments.

o   Loose or broken wires

o   Lighting a pilot.

o   Minor operation adjustments.

·         Parts and major repairs are extra. Technician will inform you of what and how much before any work is performed.

·         Parts have a one year warranty.