HVAC Maintenance

Maximize air conditioner performance, efficiency and your comfort by having us do a complete cooling maintenance service on your equipment!

HVAC Maintenance Air Conditioners need maintenance too! This is a list including some of our A/C Performance Tune-up and System Check:

  • Check for proper airflow at indoor and outdoor coils
  • Check for proper refrigerant charge and adjust as needed (additional refrigerant is an additional charge)
  • Inspect coils, piping, electrical wiring, and components for damage, wear and defects
  • Check and tighten all piping and electrical connections
  • Check for refrigerant leaks at coils, piping and piping joints
  • Tighten gauge port caps and valve caps
  • Oil all motors as needed
  • Measure superheat and sub-cooling if needed to insure proper operation
  • Inspect and check thermostat for proper operation

We also offer cleaning for your air conditioner, a standard cleaning would include:

  • Outdoor condenser coil for most units
  • Inside and outside of outdoor condenser cabinet
  • Condenser fan motor and fan if accessible
  • Controls and electrical components (contactors, relays, capacitors, etc)
  • Wiring, wiring harness’s and electrical connections
  • Replace or clean filter (standard disposable or washable 1″ filters)