It is no secret that Colorado Springs has some of the best schools in the country. Here is a list of the top schools in Colorado Springs and why you might want to live in this beautiful city.

  1. CC otherwise known as Colorado College is considered the number two college for most innovative.  They structure their school year without semesters, but instead 3.5 weeks of learning segments known as a block. Attendees take 1 class at a time and power through it. With this focus involved you can finish in the same amount of time and really focus on the things that matter within a college class.
  2. PPCC (Pikes Peak Community College) An affordable top of the line learning institution. Average is between $3000-$4000 a  year for top notch studies at this Colorado Springs College.
  3. USAFA This military academy not only has one of the best logo’s and mascots around. It is highly ranked for its electrical programs and of course aerospace programs. No doubt that the top brass want to get their kids into USAFA!

These are only the top 3 of a handful of great schools for people in Colorado Springs. If you are interested in learning more about higher learning or anything else Colorado Springs has to offer, check out this page.